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artist's statement

Perky Cohen

I find working with wood totally mesmerizing. Iím captivated by the various grains in each piece of wood as no two are ever alike. I feel they enhanced my sculptures and give a sensual quality to my work. I become completely absorbed with the challenge of designing and redesigning my ideas to fit the shape of the wood in front of me. When Iím finished a carving, I love running my fingers over the polished surfaces. I feel like Iíve become a part of the sculpture.

I started sculpting in clay in high school and continued to take courses in college. It wasnít until I graduated that I learned how to carve wood. Since then, I mostly carve wood. In the beginning, I confined myself to representational forms, most frequently the female body. I thoroughly loved being pregnant and watching what happened to my body as the months passed. To me, there was nothing more exciting than that experience! As a result, many of my sculptures have this theme. I also enjoy seeing what happens to the female body as it is pulled in different directions.

Other themes of mine are human emotions, especially love between men and woman and mother with child. Introspection, loneliness and sadness are also ideas that I explore. Recently, I have started working with abstract forms.

Over the years, I have saved the scrapings from rasping my sculptures. I am now using these to make wall hangings. These have opened a new way for me to experiment with forms and figures and are a relief from the physical stresses require in wood carving.

I occasionally return to sculpt in clay or plaster. This allows me a greater opportunity to explore the effects of negative spaces. I find this a welcome change from the constants of wood. Here I have the opportunity to manipulate forms and make major changes that are rarely possible in wood.


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